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I’m new to Anime, What Anime Should I watch?

Anime is one of the things people watch for entertainment and you probably heard about it once from your friends or from your loved ones right?

Anime has gained a lot of popularity throughout the years and now there are different genres of anime. There’s just a lot of series and movies to add to your list which can be quite overwhelming if you’re new to Anime.

You’re on the right page if you’re currently looking for a series or a movie that might suit your taste. I know how confusing and overwhelming it is sometimes to see a lot of genres you can see every time you scroll on Netflix or an anime app or site you just recently discovered. That’s why I’ll be guiding you on what anime you should watch.

Here’s what you need to do in order to figure out what anime you should watch:

  • Short anime series

= If you’re new to anime, you wouldn’t want to overwhelm yourself with a long series right? I think a short anime series would suit you if you’re just starting. An example of a short anime I can give is the anime series that has a horror genre “Another” and the fantasy mixed with comedy anime series which is “Bofuri: I Don’t Want to Get Hurt, So I’ll Max Out My Defense”. 

  • Find out what genre suits your taste.

= Another way to know what anime you should watch is you should know first what genres suit your taste. If you like comedy, fantasy, or slice of life I highly suggest that you watch anime series and movies that have something to do with the genres that you like. 

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt as well if you can also explore other genres. Exploring different genres is another way for you to find out what you like and you’ll also learn more about yourself. I actually recently found out that I’m really into anime that has a fantasy genre in it. 

  • Friends’ recommendations

= Aren’t friends’ recommendations the best? They wouldn’t recommend and mention an anime to you if that anime didn’t hype them up. Give your friend’s recommendation a shot and you might not know, but that anime might be your all time favorite anime.

  • Look for the top anime to watch

= One of the ways to look for anime to watch is to search what anime is trending or part of the top animes to watch this year. I have done this myself and those top anime are part of the top anime for a reason. But, of course you should still consider what genres you like first.

  • Movie anime

Movie anime, something you can watch if you don’t have much free time and you’re new to anime. I’m really fond of anime films, but the only thing is, I usually get attached to the characters in the film and I always end up re-watching it multiple times. There are quite a lot of anime films you can watch and one example of it is “Arriety” which is produced by Studio Ghibli. If you’re curious what genre that movie film is, it’s fantasy and adventure.

Now that I’ve discussed these, you probably have an idea on how you can find anime movies and series that you will surely love.